Giovanni Bottesini: a Life

Giovanni Bottesini: He stands as a sentinel, beckoning from the Romantic Era to our own tepid times. He penned 11 masterpiece operas (and one regrettable lapse called Ero et Leandro). His works for the Contrabass solo repertoire transformed the way the world sees the once-lowly instrument.

It was Bottesini, who, at the age of 13, uttered one of the most profound truths any Bassist or lesser musician will ever hear:

"I know sir, that I have played out of tune, but when I learn where to place my fingers, this shall no longer happen."

This authoritative work of scholarship is a service of the International Bottesini Scholars' Union and MTIC Publishers. In scope, accuracy, and detail, it supercedes all previous works on the Master's life. Read carefully, if you would rosin yourself on the cake of Bottesini's life:

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