The dying sayings of Giovanni Bottesini

The uncertainty one encounters when examining Bottesini's life is no less present when one looks at his death. Indeed, seven different versions of the Master's last words are supported by documentary evidence. We will here examine the merits of those seven utterances:
  1. "These hands -- ah, what these hands might have done."
  2. "Ah, what these hands have done."
  3. "Please bring me my Contrabass -- let me touch it one last time."
  4. "What an artist the world is losing in me."
  5. "Now I will relieve them of their trembling. That the death of a feeble old man should be a comfort to so many."
  6. "Thank you. The concert ends: There will be no encore."
  7. "At last I shall know where to place my fingers."
Readers who are aware of any additional dying sayings that can be supported by solid evidence should contact MTIC.

"We all must learn where to place our fingers."
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