Tornaghi to Bottesini (Genova, 10 Jul 1859)
Hotel della Lega Italiana

Carissimo Eugenio,

After six days of wasted effort to cash the promissory note for the reason that it lacked the necessary stamp, I was obliged to make do with expenses of 81 francs. At this time, only by means of an inducement of another 120 francs, plus another 35 as a gift to the broker, I have been able to receive 600 francs net. In the circumstances in which I found myself I could not do anything else.

I thank you infinitely for the attention that you have given me and I hope soon to be able to thank you better in person. I

am on the point of making a good deal in Spain; in this way I will leave for perhaps many years this beautiful Italy but which has cost me more than enough sorrow.

Ti saluto e credimi sempre
L' tuo amico

Gio. Bottesini
Italian Original
Source: Property of Editore Ricordi, Milan
Published in: Inzaghi: Giovanni Bottesini p 122, carteggio 16