Bottesini to Corghi (Milano, 18 Oct 1860)
Carissimo Corghi,

I need to you to write to me, being at this moment in Torino, a city little suited for Concerts. The pianist Hermann ... annoys me, and I would infintely obliged to you if with a letter you could give me a break from such a burden, I expect to leave within several hours for Varese for a Concert; at least I hope to better there. My opera keeps on going despite the open opposition from the stinking theatrical journals among which that ass Marcello stands out. Lucca...

Ricordi doesn't want to do anything with me. This is how gentlemen with a little talent are treated.

... Colleta. I am on the point of, in fact, I am definitely taking out a loan with the Cassa di Risparmio on the land which I own at Crema, and having paid all my debts which are not few, I will take the neck of my Contrabass and take my leave forever of this slut Milan, a shameless and asinine city, that...

Before leaving for good I will write to you or go around to see you. Working for people that will never understand you is a great blunder; consequently I disown Milan, not to say all of Italy. When things will de different and I am able to return to the .... ..... (to enjoy myself in peace) maybe I will think of working again. Meanwhile, excuse the sadness, but I needed to vent my feelings with someone. We are well if not very well.

Il tuo Amico

Gio. Bottesini
Italian Original
Source: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Handschriftensammlung, Vienna Autogr.945/81-1
Not previously published