Bottesini to Tornaghi (Genova, 29 Jun 1859)
Hotel della Lega Italiana

Carissimo Tornaghi,

In the awkward situation in which I find myself, I can not refuse the offer of the promissory note that according to what I have been informed, I can change it with very little lost. Be obliging therefore to send it to me as quickly as you can so I can leave this troublesome country. I thank you infinitely for the care that you have taken in my regard, and you may be certain that I will never forget such a favour.

Sta bene e credimi sempre

L'aff.o tuo amico

Gio. Bottesini
Italian Original
Source: Property of Editore Ricordi, Milan
Published in: Inzaghi: Giovanni Bottesini p121, carteggio 13