Tornaghi to Bottesini (Genova, 19 Aug 1859)
Carissimo Tornaghi,

I have just received your letter and I hasten to reply. You have been wrongly informed that when Signor De Tivoli came to Milan he had the responsibility of arranging the purchase of several scores for Madrid; ~nulladimeno ciò dovrà farsi in breve" and you may be confident of being given preference provided however that your prices are as moderate as you say.

I was quite satisfied by the manner with which you cleared my account and I am grateful to you for it.

Addio, ti saluta il tuo amico

Gio. Bottesini
Italian Original
Source: Property of Editore Ricordi, Milan
Published in: Inzaghi: Giovanni Bottesini p122, carteggio 18