Tornaghi to Bottesini (Genova, 1 Jul 1859)
Hôtel della Lega Italiana.

Carissimo Tornaghi,

I was hoping this evening to receive the promissory note, but it seems that you were not able to send it to me immediately like I asked you. Don't forget to let me know where this Signor Schiaffino lives and what is his profession, as I have had some difficulty asking information about him. If the name is good, as I don't doubt being on behalf of the Ricordi firm, it will not be difficult to have it endorsed, losing even more of the needed money. Meanwhile I can only wait and ask what time it is as a watch no longer forms part of my dress.

Ricordati di me che son fottuto e credimi sempre

L' tuo amico

Gio. Bottesini
Italian Original
Source: Property of Editore Ricordi, Milan
Published in: Inzaghi: Giovanni Bottesini p 121, carteggio 14