Bottesini and Arditi to Francesco Lucca (Torino, 13 Apr 1846)
A Francesco Lucca, Editore di Musica Signore,

As you know, next Friday (the 17th of this month) the vaults of the Teatro Carignano will resound with our celestial harmonies, and it is for this reason that we again turn to you to send us with the greatest speed, the soprano's Cavatina from the opera Eleanora by Maestro Mercadente, which will be sung by the capable Rebussina, for whom it was expressly composed. It is for this reason that I hope you will be very even more eager to serve us (and if possible by return post or with the Motta courier service) so that this time the citizens of Torino will be able to enjoy those beauties that are abuntdantly scattered in the above composition, ~lo che per quanto ci si dica furono~ severely disappointed last year.

Ci Perdoni il disturbo, ci comandi in tutto ciņ che possiamo servirla e ci creda

Dev.mi Servitori ed amici
Bottesini ed Arditi

P.S. We advise you to use either the same post or the Motta courier service, in order to be able to have it here in Torino without fail by Thursday morning - the day set aside for the rehearsal. We would like to be advised of its dispatch by your letter.
Italian Original
Source: Museo Teatrale alla Scala, Milan, COLL. CASATI 1621. The writing is Luigi Arditi's.
Published in: Inzaghi: Giovanni Bottesini p120, carteggio 5